Our advantages

Translations that meet strict deadlines

We understand this market very well, and we are aware that translations might be needed when you least expect it. We are ready to adapt to your conditions and provide translations whenever you need them. Our resources allow us to handle large amounts of information on a very tight schedule. This has virtually no effect on quality, as our agency:

– Compiles a project glossary to maintain integrity;

– Provides interaction between specialists handling the same document;

– Ensures project coordination and control at all times.

We do everything we can to satisfy you and your needs.


Industry specialization

Our translators and interpreters are more than just highly trained professionals. Many of them have several graduate degrees. Therefore, your inquiry will be sent to a translator with firsthand experience in your industry. Rest assured that your document will be handed over to an industry professional, be it an equipment supply or assembly contract, a marketing report on medication use, a tire booklet or anything else.


Flexible pricing

We employ a custom-tailored approach to every inquiry. When we receive orders, we consider volumes, format, language pair, deadlines, our long-term cooperation and other factors. We are always open to negotiating our pricing policy and offering the best value for your money.


Confidentiality assurance

We often receive confidential and sensitive documents that may contain strictly personal information or a trade secret. We handle our clients’ documents with extreme care and give special attention to data confidentiality and protection:

– Upon the client’s request, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement or insert a confidentiality clause into the master agreement;

– All of our in-house and freelance employees have signed non-disclosure agreements;

– We keep the client’s documents with care;

– We delete the client’s files from data storage media on a timely basis (every six months) in order to avoid data leaks;

– We engage only as many team members as necessary in a project in order to avoid mass document mailing, with a limited group of users eligible to access the materials.


Multi-level quality control

Our project coordinators ensure comprehensive progress control over every project, from its commission and scheduled progress monitoring to the delivery of the translation back to the customer. We employ an honest analysis of our resources and do not accept orders unless we can complete them as and when needed.

We value our reputation and exert every effort to justify your trust!


Post-paid translation

One of our advantages is that we do not demand any payment before the file is commissioned to translators. Sometimes every minute counts, and we are aware of this. Therefore, we are ready to issue an invoice after you accept the final product. If you intend to place regular orders with us, we can use monthly reports for your accommodation.


Comprehensive approach

We are convinced that only a comprehensive approach can provide for high quality translation, as it involves the engagement of a project coordinator, an editor and an optimum number of translators, etc. Team efficiency comes from a clear assignment of duties, continuous inquiry progress control, a synergy of stakeholders and general responsibility.


Eight years of experience in the translation services market

Founded in 2005, our company has proven itself to be a reliable partner and demanding contractor. We have very few random first-time clients. Virtually every new client comes to us upon the recommendation of previous clients. Once they have tried our services, our clients become our long-term partners. 

Maybe a partnership is in store for us!