1. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
2. Translation
3. Editing and proofreading
4. Transcription
5. Guide services for the client’s foreign guests
6. Integrated projects
1. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation support for different projects and events:

Focus groups

In-depth interviews

Home visits

Assisted shopping




Press conferences

Negotiations (including phone conversations)


Training sessions

At the client’s request, our interpreters can take business trips to the Moscow region or any city in Russia, the CIS or non-CIS countries.

Optionally, we can provide equipment for simultaneous interpretation as required.

2. Translation

We specialize in translations of:

Market research and PR materials

News and feature materials

Mass media digests

Website content

Law and legal (contracts, agreements, etc.)

Technical documentation


In addition, we specialize in the following industries:

Banking and insurance

IT and telecommunications

Business training




Our staff of in-house professionals can guarantee that large texts are translated with speed and accuracy.

3. Editing and proofreading

At your order, we can edit and proofread texts that have already been translated into Russian or another foreign language. Professional translators and proofreaders, either Russian or foreign native speakers, perform the editing and proofreading.

4. Transcription

Our Transcription Department can promptly transcribe any audio and video file or media for you, be it a public speech at a conference, a lecture or focus group or in-depth interview. Regardless of the source language, you will get the necessary translation on time.

Supported formats include, but are not limited to:


– CD

– MP3







At the client’s request, we can transcribe and translate any files into Russian or another foreign language.

5. Guide services for the client’s foreign guests

If you have foreign partners or clients, we can provide guide services for them, including:

Personal assistant – interpreter (various languages available);

Entertainment program – general sightseeing tour across Moscow and other Russian cities, visits to the Kremlin, museums, exhibitions, etc.

6. Integrated projects

We are always open to new, interesting orders and inquiries that would allow us to develop and offer services that may be relevant to you. Call us, and we will develop a general offer for your project.